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Becoming smaller and smaller electronic products

13 August 2009 1,313 views No Comment

‘A smaller electronic product hits the market.’
The boom for mini-size products also takes place in the consumer electronics business. As more and more people live on their own and reasonable consumption becomes a norm due to the economic difficulties, mini-size electronic products are emerging. Recently, not only IT products such as computers and navigations but also small appliances such as water purifiers and sterilizers are going small.

The sales of Wells Mini, a small-size water purifier released by Kyowon L&C, is growing rapidly. The manufacturer said that the revenue has increased by 20% compared with a year earlier. The purifier converts water to subalkali water enriched with minerals. Although its size has been reduced, it can work for a family of 4. The seven step filter system and the three tier anti-bacterial system keeps body healthy. Lee Chang-hoon, chief of the marketing team at Kyowon, said, “This small and sophisticatedly designed water purifier gives decorative enhancement to a kitchen while consuming less power. That makes the sales going up.”

Samsung Electronics also sees the growing sales of Virus Doctor, a small-size sterilizer, in the monthly records. Samsung said, “Even it is a small size, it can remove virus and allergic substances in the air, creating a healthy environment for single member households.” Twin Birds, a Japanese consumer electronics maker, recently released a small size fridge, Mini Fridge. Compared with the existing one, its capacity of 6 liters is much smaller. But, it is suitable to a small room to store snacks and beverages.

In the PC and other IT products, a mini-size product became a profitable item for the major lineup.
Viako released Mini Letter Leap, a PC for the home theater system featuring a slim size of 55 millimeters. It is available for 5 models with the full performances for the home theatre system. President Hwang Jin-sam said, “In a small size with a cute design, the PC features the strong performances equivalent to general PCs.”

The popularity of netbooks is endless. LG Electronics said, “Although it is less than a year since we launched netbook Ice Cream featuring competent performance, convenience and design, it has emerged as a main item for the lineup.” In addition, iRiver’s NV Mini, a 3.5 inch touch panel based navigation featuring the fast booting speed, is also enjoying the strong popularity in the market.

By Kang, Byung-joon

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