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Strategic development goals:

Connectors: Plug Power Line become China’s power cord to the field of pilotage.
Small appliances: small household electrical appliances in the two series in the area of the world top three.
PTFE microporous membrane fabric: China’s first outdoor sports brand fabrics.
China’s first outdoor sports equipment manufacturer.
Electron Accelerator: China’s largest industrial electronic accelerator application base.

Sales objectives:

Group sales target: By 2015 sales to 50 million, of which the enterprises directly under power lines 500 million, small appliances 1600000000, 2000000000 member enterprises, electronic accelerator processing 100 million, outdoor fabrics and equipment 800 million.

Industry position:

Connectors: power line all the needs of the weak type of customer support.
Small appliances: middle and low five years ago, after five years of high-grade.
: PTFE microporous membrane fabric: outdoor sports and special industries.
Electron Accelerator: food, disposable medical supplies, and electronic products modified processing.

Customers positioning

Connectors: a certain size, brand manufacturers and supermarkets.
Small appliances: five years ago mainly to foreign businessmen, five years after the large-scale development of the professional traders.
: PTFE microporous membrane fabric: Outdoor sports, field operations consumption environmental groups and air filtration equipment manufacturers.
: Electronic accelerator: three areas in the high-end domestic export customers.

Brand positioning

Connectors: China’s well-known trademarks.
Small appliances: five years before becoming the world’s leading businessmen OEM manufacturers, five years after the creation of a famous Chinese brand.
: PTFE microporous membrane fabrics: a famous Chinese outdoor fabrics brands or trademarks.
Electronic accelerator: a provincial famous brands or trademarks.


Connectors: strengthening provincial Enterprise Technology Center; establish and maintain product safety certification and guarantee system.
Small appliances: the establishment of a state-level technology center.
: PTFE microporous membrane fabric: focus on the development of tooling, composite fabrics, apparel production of the three technologies, to establish and maintain a leading global position.
Electron Accelerator: 10 invention patents, process patents 20, the national professional journal published 100 papers.


: Establishing a laboratory to strengthen surveillance efforts. CNAS and declared national laboratories.

Human resources strategy
Management system:

A clear relationship between ownership and management, equity and governance;
B Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the establishment of equity incentive plan;
C establish and maintain the “three will be four powers” checks and balances.
Personnel commitments: in the use of personnel, training and development, and to provide objective, and other commitments.
Guidelines for the use of personnel:

Central do not agree with a cloud of corporate culture may not be over as the company’s middle-level cadres and duties;
B No peripheral work experience, can not serve as heads of departments;
C No grass-roots work experience, not as managers and above;
D not cultivate their own successors subordinate staff, the jobs will not be improved
E not just a question of education, not only relations, competency-based, character-oriented.
Job training and expertise rotation: senior managers for the job rotation policy.
Personnel selection: internal selection, both external recruitment and internal training and selection of mainly open selection, scientific evaluation of both ability and political integrity, volume would apply, not seniority, committed to attracting, selecting and maintaining a high-quality personnel to meet Customer-oriented competence-building needs.
Talent: insist can be transferred, promoted or demoted, and the principle of dynamic conversion, brought into full play, and make the best use of people.
Training and Development: Every employee has received training and cross-sectoral learning opportunities, the training of its staff and managers at all levels guidance is a long-term and common responsibilities, the company will be through internal training and external training, and post practice job rotation, etc. a variety of ways to cultivate a common development, the characteristics of a cloud ring workforce.

4, staff relations strategy

The company is committed to the creation of a trust and full communication environment, in this environment, a broad-based team can make contributions to organizational goals.
Companies will be line manager, in charge of Human Resources and the joint efforts to constantly discover and solve its internal problems related to the interests of the staff.
Trust companies and encourage broad-based team work so that all levels of information sharing. Company to eliminate race, religion, sex, colour, region, disability discrimination.

5, pay strategy

Pay levels: the company will strive to achieve the overall pay levels of not less than / higher than the average level in the same industry, to ensure that staff salaries competitive return, and the income of employees and the company’s efficiency by simultaneously upgrading.
Pay allocation: companies follow fair and just distribution, according to the performance allocation, balanced by energy distribution. The physical distribution and allocation of money by combining short-term incentive and long-term incentive combination of modes of distribution.
Pay structure: companies high / medium / low flexible salary structure, the staff of large / small part of the pay income strictly linked to their work performance, the company will be with the team and individual contributions linked to the high level of incentives to return performance.
The welfare of the staff: the company will be the basis of the provisions of relevant laws, the company can withstand within the scope of the provision for staff development and the characteristics of ring-added employee benefits plans.
Package features: the package will be in the organization’s success in “creating a” shareholders.

6, performance strategy

Establish and implement a target-oriented, the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for performance management system.
Performance evaluation will be to implement strategies to achieve the objectives of the effective tools, and into our staff performance and the performance of the company effective tool.
The establishment of the science departments, and posts key performance indicators (KPI) library.
Quantitative performance appraisal companies and attitude, ability to combine qualitative evaluation, static and dynamic assessment examination combined, the daily examination and evaluation of the combination.
Continued performance of the communication managers at all levels is an important means for day-to-day management, performance management is an important part of effective implementation.
Performance Management: provide plans, feedback, assessment, development, enables employees and organizations to maximize the chances of success.
Performance incentives: with the team and individual contributions linked to the return to encourage a high level of performance.
Growth incentives: with the business needs of the employees return to growth.

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