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Cable Technology – Siemon Debuts XLR8 Fiber Optic Connector and Tool Kit

18 August 2009 1,240 views No Comment

Siemon, a company that deals in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions, reportedly released the new XLR8 mechanical splice connector and termination system for fiber optic cabling.

The company said that its new XLR8 mechanical splice termination kit incorporates an exclusive dual-process XLR8 activation tool, which dramatically reduces termination time per connector. This process is intended for use with 900μm tight buffered fiber cables.

Combined with pre-polished XLR8 mechanical splice connectors, the patent-pending XLR8 activation tool can be used to deploy unsurpassed termination speed and quality. Siemon (News – Alert) said that the XLR8 connector can work for both LC and SC configurations and supports multimode and single-mode versions of Siemon’s 10 Gb/s XGLO and Gigabit-ready LightSystem solutions when used with the XLR8 activation tool.

To maximize termination speed and connector performance, XLR8 tool combines both splice activation and mechanical crimp into a single, optimized step. The single-step termination process eliminates the need to handle the connector between splice and crimp processes, maintaining integrity of the splice. By cutting the field termination time in half XLR8 can make way for faster and efficient delivery of fiber cabling links.

All termination steps are completed with connector dust cap in place, which will protect the connector’s end-face polish from corrosion and damage, thereby improving connector performance. Siemon said that no other fiber termination method in the market has this simple yet effective feature.

Siemon said that the XLR8 tool is universal supporting both LC and SC configuration and does not require any time-consuming changeovers. It is designed to offer user convenience as a handheld or as a table-top orientation and ensures full splice and crimp engagement using a locking mechanism that secures the connector in place until the tool is fully cycled.

The tool is available in a complete kit that contains all accessories required for high performance terminations, including a user-friendly fiber cleaver designed to provide clean, precision cleaves on an array of fiber types.

In other news, Siemon recently introduced the MapIT G2.
By Nathesh TMCnet Contributor

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