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Exacter Technology Brings Unique Problem-Solving Ability for Hardening Smart Grid PLC & BPL Data Transmission Lines

8 September 2009 1,286 views No Comment

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smart Grid relies on data communication. Utilities employ Exacter technology as a means to prepare their systems for Smart Grid initiatives and improve the overall reliability of the distribution overhead network.

“Failing and poorly installed equipment can literally stop data transmission in Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Broadband over Power Line (BPL) systems which are the backbone of Smart Grid deployments,” states John Lauletta, CEO of Exacter, Inc. “Utilities are telling us that they want to prepare for Smart Grid. They want to harden their systems, and Exacter technology has a unique ability to locate signal interference from failing equipment that impacts data throughput.”

Exacter, Inc. is currently being used by more than 100 utilities to prevent outages and improve distribution reliability by locating failing overhead line equipment. Over the last few months, Lauletta reports an increased demand for Exacter technology as a tool to help utilities prepare their systems for Smart Grid deployments.

“Smart Grid systems must be reliable to meet customer expectations,” continues Lauletta. “Not only does the distribution system have to be reliable, but it must be “cleaner” with less RF interference in order to transmit data over PLC and BPL lines. That’s why utilities are turning to Exacter technology to solve this new challenge.”

Utilities have identified several unique aspects of Exacter technology that make it beneficial in the system-hardening process. First, it identifies and locates even small levels of interference. “We had one customer who spent six months trying to locate a problem on an AMR circuit,” states Geoffrey Bibo, VP of Sales for Exacter. “After being brought in to survey the system, we immediately identified the location of a loose component on a pole and the AMR system was back online.”

One of the other unique features of Exacter technology is its ability to provide mapping. “We can import information into a utility’s GIS system or provide street maps with GPS points that direct work crews to specific components that are creating interference,” continues Bibo. “Maybe the best part of our technology is how quickly we can survey large areas and get utilities this information.”

A 1000-mile stretch of PLC or BPL line can be completed with report in just four to six weeks.

Exacter, Inc.
John Lauletta, 614-880-9320

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