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EZ Connector Wins First Place for Best New Product From the North American Trailer

14 October 2009 1,716 views No Comment

TULARE, Calif., Oct. 13, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EZ Connector Inc. (www.ezconnector.com), developer and manufacturer of high-performance products for improving the safety and reliability of electrical trailer and towing connections, today announced that the company has been awarded the first place for the ‘Best New Product of the Year’ by the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA).

The EZ Connector’s latest electrical towing system in the form of EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7 product) has been recognized during the annual NATDA convention held in Louisville, Kentucky.

The EZR7 electrical connection system assures you of the highest quality performance thereby ensuring that all the electrical components such as lights and brakes function properly every time a trailer or other equipment is towed. Designed to adapt to several applications and available in traditional and fifth wheel versions, the EZR7 is safe and reliable in a variety of applications.

EZ Connector’s EZR7 was selected from more than 30 new products entered into this year’s competition. A panel of judges helming from the trailer dealer industry voted on the products.

“Our esteemed group of judges — all who know the ins and outs of trailers and towing products — found EZ Connector’s EZR7 to be a stand-out product based on its innovative and high-quality design, as well as its ease of use and safety features,” said Andy Ackerman, president of NATDA. “We believe that EZ Connector’s products are complementary to the high-quality trailers that our members are selling to consumers and businesses across the continent.”

“We are honoured that the NATDA recognized us with its Best New Product of the Year award, and believe that this award is a testament to the due diligence that our team has spent researching, designing and manufacturing innovative products for the light- and medium-duty trailer industry,” said Joe Cardoza, president of EZ Connector. “EZ Connector’s products give trailer owners and operators the added assurance they need that their important cargo is always safe. This safety assurance, coupled with user-friendly features and a water-proof, corrosion-proof design, are what make our products ideal for a variety of commercial and recreational applications.”

The patented EZR7 is completely different from the other blade plugs as it uses spring-loaded face-to-face contacts that overcome the drawbacks like arcing and contact abrasion during use. What makes this superior from other blade plugs is the connection of spring-loaded pins with fixed contacts that facilitates electricity to easily pass from socket to plug, and eliminates problems like sudden drop in voltage due to increased contact deterioration and corrosion, and the resulting failure of brakes and lights.

In addition, the EZ Connector product is the only vehicle-trailer connector that has been lab tested and certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers Standard for waterproof and corrosion-resistance when in use, given its built-in double o-ring seals. Neodymium magnets hold the plug and socket together rather than a latch in the EZ Connector.

The sheer strength of these magnets provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions. This allows release of both plug and socket immediately in case a user forgets to disconnect the trailer from vehicle. EZ Connector also offers backward-compatible male and female adapters designed to connect the EZR7 to legacy 7-blade RV connectors, thus enabling users to take advantage of the EZR7’s many benefits while converting their vehicles and trailers.

The EZR7 system is available for less than $100. For more information, purchase locations and selling opportunities please visit the company’s website at www.ezconnector.com or call the company at +1-559-686-5889.

The North American Trailer Dealers Association is the only professional business association in North America that serves the light and medium duty trailer dealers and brings them together as a unified team. By uniting the trailer dealers within a professional business association, NATDA is able to provide dealers with only the very best benefits, programs and education available.

About EZ Connector Inc.

EZ Connector Inc. is a specialist  manufacturer and supplier of the patented EZ Recreational 7-Pin (EZR7), which is one of its kind plug/socket combination available in the market, designed to improve the reliability of the vehicle/trailer connection. Designed with ease-of-use, reliability and safety in mind, EZ Connector’s suite of electrical towing connection products is ideal for a variety of military, fleet, recreational, non-commercial and commercial applications, including boating, farming, RV, trucking and other activities. EZ Connector is committed to provide a safer, simpler towing experience as it manufactures an array of complementary products. The EZR7 is winner of Popular Mechanics 2008 Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation, one of SEMA’s best by Truck Trend Magazine, and the 2009 Best New Product of the Year by the North American Trailer Dealers Association. Headquartered in Tulare,Calif., EZ Connector Inc. is a privately held company. For more information, please visit www.ezconnector.com.


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