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Home safety tips for the handling of dangerous materials

29 August 2009 1,265 views No Comment

JACKSON – Fire Official Frank McDonnell of the Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety 1 & 3 has some tips on handling hazardous household materials.

Propane tanks: Never store extra fuel under or near your grill. When changing propane tanks, check the hoses and fittings for leaks and breaks. When your grill is not is use, ensure that the propane is turned off and the fire is out. Store propane in a cool dry place with no risk of ignition.

Home improvement flammable liquids: Never store rags contaminated with flammable solvents such as wood stain, paint stripper and paint remover in a pile. Lay them flat to dry or put them in an airtight metal container outside of your home. Make sure that all flammable liquids are stored away from ignition sources such as pilot lights, water heaters, electrical appliances and open flames. Leave products in their original containers with the contents clearly identified on the label. Never store hazardous products in food or beverage containers.

Gasoline: Always keep in mind that gasoline vapors are explosive. Never use gasoline around an open flame, while smoking or while creating any kind of spark. Store gasoline in approved containers only. Do not store or use gasoline in enclosed areas or near pilot lights. Never store gasoline in the house. Use a detached garage or a shed. Do not try to extinguish a gasoline fire with water. Water will only spread the fire. Do not use gasoline for washing automotive parts. Fumes can ignite from an ignition source nearby.

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