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How to choose a good PCB (printed circuit board) suppliers?

12 September 2009 16,664 views No Comment

In Asia alone, there are so many thousands of options when you want to select a printed circuit board manufacturer or fabricator, but which one is the best? Skyyearasia has been in Printed Circuit Board industry and confident we offer the best combination of price, quality, on time delivery and customer service to the customer. That is the reason we think that as a customer of Printed Circuit Board product, you should ask about PCB manufacturers to help you compare and choose the best printed circuit board manufacturer for your company.

First factor: When selecting a PCB manufacturer or supplier, you need to look at how long they have been in business and how stable in term of financial stability of the company. The printed circuit board industry is highly competitive especially in Asia and many PCB manufacturers come and go especially in Taiwan and China. This causes your commodity manager or purchaser continue searching for Printed Circuit Board supplier which will costs you both time and money when come to selecting a Printed Circuit Board company.

Second factor: Does your Printed Circuit Board supplier just take your order or do they offer value added services to ensure highest quality, manufacturability, and performance accuracy of your circuit boards?

A good Printed Circuit Board shop will offer extra value added services to go above and beyond their competitors. The obvious services like additional cost savings proposal, extra reliability design, manufacturing assistance through the project, timely communications to ensure no surprises and no impact in term of on-time delivery.

Third factor: Is your supplier follows new regulations and standards associated with RoHS compliance and lead free finishes?

While most other Printed Circuit Board companies were trying very hard to makes changes to meet RoHS compliance for circuit boards, you need to ask specific questions and look detail into various industry standards that the Printed Circuit Board supplier has met. In Asia, ISO standard might be a good gauge. An automotive certification of a Printed Circuit Shop houses might be an additional value add to their capabilities standard that you can consider in your PCB survey list.

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