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Intel’s Atom Design

11 September 2009 1,295 views No Comment

Intel Corporation’s ATOM processor and low power chipset solution is a technology choice which cannot be overlooked. With the potential for wide application in deeply embedded, low power, fanless industrial, medical, communications, automotive and consumer applications this technology demands attention.

Orchid Technologies, a developer of custom electronics product solutions, can help. With their new ATOM processor technology core design, that combines your custom electronic hardware with an ATOM processor core. The result is a highly integrated circuit board solution customized for your applications needs.

“The development time and risk are low, because Orchid has done much of these designs before,” says Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer of Orchid. “Your custom design builds on our firm foundation of design success.” “Orchid has designed many highly customized Intel-processor-based (IA32) circuit boards.”

A typical Orchid Technologies’ client in the fanless industrial space may require customized GPIO; perhaps special data logging features: possibly specialized precision analog electronics; or maybe the integration of a specialized DSP front end. Orchid Technologies can skillfully combine clients’ specialized electronic circuitry with our existing ATOM core design to create a cost-effective, highly integrated, design solution. Add Orchid’s ability to customize BIOS to the mix and the result is an optimized IA32 solution tuned specifically to client needs.

Orchid Technologies has had a highly successful IA32 design track record. Among the many highly embedded IA32 circuit board designs we have performed include:

Comverse’s Series IV Telecommunications Processor.
This Pentium-based product built on Orchid’s IA32 Processor Core Design, interfaces to sixteen Texas Instruments DSP devices, a dual port memory interface, and T1/E1 WAN networks.

Dialogic Corporation’s Private Branch Exchange Processor.
This Pentium-based product built on Orchid’s IA32 Processor Core Design, is coupled to a Texas Instruments based DSP Soft Modem, Solid State Disk Drive, and Telephony Line interfaces.

Chemical Controls Interface Processor.
This Pentium-based product built on Orchid’s IA32 Processor Core Design, mixed our client’s old grandfathered controls-technology with today’s modern laser communications solutions. In this design, we preserved the best elements of our client’s obsolete existing design while modernizing its features and extending product life another ten years.

As electronics technology, continues to evolve the requirements for high-speed devices, tighter integration, enhanced functionality, and low power pose design challenges for any product development team. Visit Orchid Technologies website www.orchid-tech.com. Contact Paul Nickelsberg, President and CTO at 978-461-2000 or email paul@orchid-tech.com for more information.

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