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Oct Electrical Fittings In Your Bathroom

3 October 2009 1,821 views No Comment

When one thinks of bathroom lighting, the first thing comes into mind is the lamps and fixtures. But it is not only about lamps and fixtures but also designing that little extra which energizes you whenever you enter the quiet room to pass time for yourself and take the pleasure in having a warm bath.

Generally an electric fitting is the main component which has to be kept in mind while building or renovating your bathroom. Even if you replace the older pipes with the newer ones, it would be better if you choose cast iron instead of stiff plastic pipelines.

Get a clear picture about the complete wiring before you jump for the electrical wiring. You may require new lines from the repair panel to the bathroom, or joining into the already existing circuits. The latter one is easy, as you have to do properly after the framing gets completed.

Electric lighting should be taken seriously to adjust the mood of your bathroom. If you are deciding to do any sort of electrical work then you will definitely need the permission of your local building control department and this kind of work should be performed by an expert electrician. Any light that have been in use in the bathroom should be perfect for the bathroom.

If you opt for a natural minimalist look, keep lighting unobtrusive with subtle recessed light fittings or flush spotlights. Large pendant lights and wall fittings with fabric shades will suit a retro design or a more traditional decor. Lighting contrasts will make the room seem bigger so consider back lighting alcoves and recesses.

If the bathroom lighting is chosen according to the requirements then it can be said that it is being done successfully like selecting the right lamps, placing them in the right places, using mirrors and defoggers at all the right places and in proper fashion. The important thing is to know how to stay away from the shadow trap.

The current fashion going on now days is the recessed lighting fixtures. But if it is the only lights being used in the bathroom than there is a chance that you may get trapped in the shadow and you will not be clearly visible to yourself in the mirror.

A halogen-recessed floodlight is quiet focused and can make you actually look scary just like when you place the flash light under the chin in the dark. To avoid such scary shadowing effects, use recessed floodlights in combination with other general forms of lighting.

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