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Truck tears Power Line

13 September 2009 1,360 views No Comment

Power was knocked out for at least 500 people Saturday afternoon, after a nursery dump truck tore down power lines in Southwest Las Vegas neighborhood.

Neighbors in the area of Teneya & Eldora watched as a Star Nursery truck drove down the street with the bed still up bringing down several power lines and two power poles. The lines fell dangerously close to at least one home blocking the family inside from being able to leave.

Nevada Energy crews quickly responded and cut power to the lines to keep anyone from getting hurt, but it also left 500 people in the neighborhood with out power.

“We came home and I opened the door and the heat just came at me we were real thrilled about that then I realized what happened and my electricity was out,” said Marilyn Clark, who was just one of many affected by the outage.

Nevada Energy was able to reroute the power in the area and restore power to all but 23 people, the remaining homes had their power restored late Saturday Night.

Employees with Star Nursery were on scene, but did not want to comment on the incident. As of late Saturday evening there was still no word on whether the driver of the truck would be charged.

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